Virtual Career Day FAQ

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

In a virtual career day, the business and education world connect to provide students career presentations in a virtual environment. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, video presentations have become increasingly popular. But how is a virtual career day different from an in-person career day? The answer to that question can really vary, from not at all to completely different. Read on to find answers to that and more questions about attending a virtual career day.

What Is a Virtual Career Day?

A virtual career day is an online "event" (as it takes place at a certain time and is not ongoing) in which teachers are scheduling videos for their students to watch. The videos could be showing in a virtual school environment, using chat rooms, or in teleconferencing software like zoom, or and/or email to exchange information with parents about what to watch.

Presenters upload their videos to YouTube and teachers choose the careers they want to present to their students simply by browsing careers. Like a non-virtual career day, a virtual career day has a limited duration.

Does a Virtual Career Day Only Have Remote (Or Work From Home) Jobs?

No. In fact, depending on the professionals participating, it may have very few work at home jobs. However, the fact that a virtual career day may target no particular, or a very large, geographic area can be an advantage for students to see all types of jobs that exist. A virtual career day will get students from all over the country or the world. Teachers should seek out and show professionals from their area to keep the jobs relevant because some jobs exist worldwide (Dentists, etc.), but some are local (Farmers, etc.).

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What Kind of Careers Are Available at Virtual Career Day?

Almost any kind that is in a non-virtual career day. Like real-world career days, a virtual career day may be focused on a certain industry, profession, or geographic area.

How Does a Virtual Career Week Work?

Virtual career day will work like this:

  1. Teachers or school counselors download the packet that is for their grade from TPT (click here).

  2. Teachers reach out to friends/family/local business professionals to inspire them to create a video (emails to send are in the packets).

  3. Professionals upload their video to YouTube. Instructions for them are in the packets.

  4. Teachers will create a curriculum of careers to show for the week based off of their own friends/family/business connections or a list we're compiling of videos.

  5. Students watch videos from home as their school lessons for that day/week.

  6. Teachers can choose to show 2 careers per day during the entire week, or stack all videos on certain day(s).

This is a teacher-led initiative. It requires teachers or counselors to include this in the curriculum as if it was a normal career day in the school. Nothing changes, except that we're doing it virtually!

How Much Does a Virtual Career Day Cost?

Teachers or school counselors will purchase their grade-appropriate packet at this TPT store:

Business professionals don't pay anything, they are graciously donating their time :-)


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